wifite – Automated Wireless (wifi) Attack Auditor

Hacking WifiWifite v2 is now available

Get the latest version on Github

What’s new in this version:

  • support for cracking WPS-encrypted networks (via reaver)
  • 2 new WEP attacks
  • more accurate WPA handshake capture
  • various bug fixes

Version 2 does not include a GUI, so everything must be done at the command-line.


Designed and tested on Linux; works with Backtrack 5, BlackBuntu, BackBox, and Pentoo! Linux only; no windows or OSX support (but you’re welcome to try).


To attack multiple WEP, WPA, and WPS encrypted networks in a row. This tool is customizable to be automated with only a few arguments. Wifite aims to be the “set it and forget it” wireless auditing tool.


  • sorts targets by signal strength (in dB); cracks closest access points first
  • automatically de-authenticates clients of hidden networks to reveal SSIDs
  • numerous filters to specify exactly what to attack (wep/wpa/both, above certain signal strengths, channels, etc)
  • customizable settings (timeouts, packets/sec, etc)
  • anonymous” feature; changes MAC to a random address before attacking, then changes back when attacks are complete
  • all captured WPA handshakes are backed up to wifite.py’s current directory
  • smart WPA de-authentication; cycles between all clients and broadcast deauths
  • stop any attack with Ctrl+C, with options to continue, move onto next target, skip to cracking, or exit
  • displays session summary at exit; shows any cracked keys
  • all passwords saved to cracked.txt
  • built-in updater: ./wifite.py -upgrade


  • linux operating system (confirmed working on Backtrack 5, BackBox, BlackBuntu, Pentoo, Ubuntu 8.10 (BT4R1), Ubuntu 10.04, Debian 6, Fedora 16)
  • tested working with python 2.6.x, and python 2.7.x,
  • wireless drivers patched for monitor mode and injection. Most security distributions (Backtrack, BlackBuntu, etc) come with wireless drivers pre-patched,
  • aircrack-ng (v1.1) suite: available via apt: apt-get install aircrack-ng or at the aircrack-ng website,

Suggested Applications

  • reaver, for attacking WPS-encrypted networks
  • pyrit, cowpatty, tshark: not required, but help verify WPA handshake captures

For help installing any of these programs, see the installation guide (hosted on github)


Download the latest version:

wget -O wifite.py http://wifite.googlecode.com/svn/trunk/wifite.py

change permissions to executable:

chmod +x wifite.py


python wifite.py

or, to see a list of commands with info:

./wifite.py -help


successful WEP attack (after 90 seconds):

successful WPS attacks (after 17 hours):


the program contains lots of interactivity (waits for user input). these command-line options are meant to make the program 100% automated — no supervision required.

to crack all WEP access points:

./wifite.py -all -wep

to crack all WPS access points with signal strength greater than (or equal to) 50dB:

./wifite.py -p 50 -wps

to attack all access points, use ‘darkc0de.lst’ for cracking WPA handshakes:

./wifite.py -all –dict /pentest/passwords/wordlists/darkc0de.lst

to attack all WPA access points, but do not try to crack — any captured handshakes are saved automatically:

./wifite.py -all -wpa –dict none

to crack all WEP access points greater than 50dB in strength, giving 5 minutes for each WEP attack method, and send packets at 600 packets/sec:

./wifite.py –pow 50 -wept 300 -pps 600

to attempt to crack WEP-encrypted access point “2WIRE752” endlessly — program will not stop until key is cracked or user interrrupts with ctrl+C):

./wifite.py -e “2WIRE752” -wept 0

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