Tutorial: MDK3 – Network Traffic Disruption

2008-11-06-wifiToday, we are going to go over some options with the tool MDK3, however it has to be said that the use of these options can wreak havoc on wireless networks and should be used with caution !

And of course as with all the tools in my posts, only use on the networks you are authorized to run the tools on.

I am still unsure as to what MDK3 stands for, however I am brought back to one of my favorite Sylvester Stallone, Sandra Bullock, Rob Schneider, Wesley Snipes movies: Demolition Man. There was a part in this movie where someone gets murdered and none of the future cops know what to do, because it had been ages since there had last been a… Murder Death Kill!

In that case it is fair to sum up what mdk3 can do to wireless networks quite well..

My test network:

  • AP with bssid 00:13:D4:09:32:60 on Channel 1 with essid default
  • Wep Shared Key encryption
  • 1 client 00:24:D2:A1:40:8E connected
  •  The below based on having installed mdk3 as per previous post.

For a full list of mdk3 options;

mdk3 –fullhelp

Beacon Flood mode

This mode sends out beacons showing fake APs and reportedly can cause network scanners and drivers to crash.

I did a quick test with this, scanning with inSSIDer, and it certainly does flood the environment with fake APs.

It didn’t crash the programme, however I only let it run for a short period of time to get an idea of what happens, what prolonged usage would cause not confirmed.

The below sets the SSID to be transmitted as DEFAULT with WEP encryption as 54Mbit  using valid accesspoint MACs from OUI database, speed set at 50 pps (default speed)

mdk3 mon0 b -n DEFAULT -w -g -m -s 50

 The scan with inSSIDer looked as follows:

Not sure why the majority seemed to be on lower channels, however as mentioned, I did not want to run it for too long and possibly a longer run would see more networks showing up in the higher channel region.

Authentication DOS mode

The idea is that too many clients authenticating to the AP will freeze up or reset the AP.

Surprisingly, my crappy little ‘ol Asus router seemed to be handling this rather well !

I tested it several times, it froze a couple of times for a few seconds, however then seemed to fight back and work even though the speed was severely affected..

What a trooper!

 mdk3 mon0 a -a 00:13:D4:09:32:60 -m

Deathentication / Disassociation Amok Mode

This is used to kick clients from an AP.

In this case I created a txt file with the AP MAC and used this as the blacklist.

echo 00:13:D4:09:32:60 > mdk3test.txt

mdk3 mon0 d -b mdk3test.txt -c 1 -s 250

This didn’t actually kick my client off as an aireplay attack with sufficient packets would have done, but it effectively stopped all communication between the AP and the client.

There are a few other tools as well, including MAC address bruteforcing, and various other wireless disruption tools.

All in all a very interesting tool to check out, but obviously meant to be very unfriendly towards wireless networks..

Test with care..

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