Adafruit Bluefruit LE Sniffer – Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE 4.0) – nRF51822 – v3.0 [ADA2269]


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Adafruit Part Number: 2269
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Bluefruit LE Friend – Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE 4.0) – nRF51822 – v3.0 €20.00 (€24.80 inc tax) CODE: 078.0002 Availability: In stock Quantity: Share Description Features DESCRIPTION The Bluefruit LE Friend is your new BLE BFF! This USB-to-BLE board makes it easy to get your computer talking to your BLE enabled phone or tablet the usage of a standard serial/UART connection. In it’s simplest form, it works on the same principle as a common USB/Serial adapter (the FTDI Friend, for example!). Any data that you enter via your favorite terminal emulator on your development machine will be transferred over the air to the connected phone or tablet, and vice versa, as a basic ‘UART’ connection The short and sweet: Completely transparent Data mode for USB to Bluetooth LE UART connectivity from computer to tablet/phone Connect to any phone or tablet with BLE, great for debugging or developing BLE devices or apps Works great with both Nordic (Android/iOS) or Adafruit (iOS) UART app, take a look at our source code if you wish to create your own app! Uses the fancy Nordic nRF51822 chipset with custom firmware Optional Command mode to set GATT services and products/characteristics, advertising name/packet, Beacon capability, query status, RSSI, and so on. Comes with standard Over-the-Air DFU bootloader, reprogram firmware the usage of any BLE-capable iOS or Android device 4 LED indicators: blue connection status, red mode status, orange and green for RX/TX Snap-off SWD connector for advanced JTAG re-programming The details: You might be asking, Hey my macbook already has Bluetooth and I will be able to get a USB Bluetooth adapter, so why use this? Good question! You’ll be able to get a Bluetooth 4.0 USB dongle from the store already, but Windows 7 doesn’t improve Bluetooth Low Energy natively, and on Win8 or OS X you will have to sort through a huge pile of native Bluetooth APIs and development tools that frequently require an annual paid license and specific license terms to access. You’ll be able to’
Adafruit Part Number: 2269
Stock Type: Wireless >> Bluetooth
In Stock & Ready to Ship

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