Max Headroom’s List of Acronyms – pt 1 (1990’s)

max-headroomA lot of you are probably feeling the same I way am right at the moment I am writing this file. I just got done applying for a nice board and I simply went blank while filling out the New User Application! I really hope I gain access, but I hate having to remember what is what all the time. Besides, it’s been almost a year since I have had to fill out a REAL challenging application! So, I have forgotten probably 90% of my acronyms! A shame really because if I could only remember what they meant, I’m sure I could remember what they were! That’s why I made this file! To help us all remember what is what! I’m sure tons of SysOp’s are going to come down on me for telling what the acronyms mean.. but remember.. I am NOT telling what they do, are used for, or anything of that nature. Just what they STAND for! So, don’t give me too hard of a time. This may help you define better New User applications for your board to be more selective! I will try to come out with updates as my time allows for this file.

My Disclaimer:
I don’t know why I need one.. but here it is.. I take no responsibility for anything in this file, anything it’s used for, or anyone that reads it! I pretty much don’t take responsibility for anything at ALL and I am beginning to doubt that I exist. Oh well, on to the file!

  • 2600 – A great Hacker’s Magazine
  • AC – Alternating Current
  • ALRU – Automatic Line REcord Update
  • AN – Associated Number
  • ANI – Automatic Number Identification
  • ARSB – Automated REpair Service Bureau
  • ATH – Abbreviated Trouble History
  • ATI – Activist’s Times, INC
  • ATM – Automatic Teller Machine
  • BOC – Bell Operating Company
  • BOR – Basic Output Report
  • BRI – Basic Rate Interface
  • CA – Cable
  • CBX – Computerized Business Exchange
  • CCIS – Common Channel Interoffice Signalling
  • CIS – Compuserve Information Service
  • COE – Central Office Equipment
  • CRSAB – Centralized Repair Service Answering Bureau
  • CTO – Call Transfer Outside
  • CUD – Computer Underground Digest
  • CW – Cyber Warriors
  • CWC – City Wide Centrex
  • DC – Direct Current
  • DDD – Direct Distance Dialing
  • DEC – Digital Equipment Corporation
  • DNR – Dialed Number Recorder
  • DTST – Dial Tone Speed Test
  • ECC – Enter Cable Change
  • EFF – Electronic’s Frontier’s Foundation
  • ICM – Integrated Call Management
  • ISDN – Integrated Services Digital Network
  • KBPS – Kilobits per second
  • LASS – Local Area Switching Service
  • LCDN – Last Call Directory Number
  • LMOS – Loop Maintenance and Operations system
  • LOD/H – Legion of Doom/ Hacking
  • LOL – Legion of Lucifer
  • MBPS – Megabits per second
  • MINX – Multimedia Information Network Exchange
  • MLT – Mechanized Loop Testing
  • PABX – Private Automatic Branch Exchange
  • PAP{PAG} – Phreak’s Against Phreak’s Against Geeks
  • PAX – Private Automatic Exchange
  • PBX – Private Branch Exchange
  • PIN – Personal Identification Number
  • POTS – Plain Old Telephone Service
  • PPN – Project Program Number
  • RAM – Random Access Memory
  • ROM – Read Only Memory
  • RSTS/E – Resource System Time Sharing/Environment
  • SBDN – Southern Bell Data Network
  • SS – Special Service
  • SSN – Social Security Number
  • SxS – Step-by-Step
  • TAS – Telephone Answering Service
  • TH – Trouble History
  • THG – The Humble Guys
  • TMC – Telemarketing Communications
  • TREAT – Trouble Report Evaluation and Analysis Tool
  • VMB – Voice Mail Box
  • VMS – Voice Message System
  • VMS – Virtual Memory System
  • Xbar – CrossBar

Well, anyways, I guess that should get you started for a while, but I should be coming out with acro02.txt very, very soon. {Probably like in a day or so} Look for it and help me spread this around! Another note! Due to a hard drive crash, I lost ALL {I do mean ALL} of my cool BBS numbers! If you run a cool BBS and would like to have me give ya a ring send me up the number somewhere I am! Which is probably in the 606 or 513 area code.. either that or on one of the few boards I did find around on paper.

In closing, I would like to thank the following folks! Insanus Maximus, Akira, Lestat, and Captain Blah. {<- My local Greets {hehe}} In the far away lands from me, I would like to say ‘Hi’ to Starbuck {thanks for saving my account!}, Digitone Cypher, and Night Ranger…as well as all the other dudes in LoL/Phuck that are too many for me to mention right now!

Any questions or comments should be sent to me {user #2} on The Quest’s End at (606)491-3483…

Thanks and Catch ya later,
Max Headroom {513}

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