(How To) Sprint Samsung Galaxy S4 Hotspot WiFi Tether Hack

Prerequisite: Your Galaxy S4 must be Rooted!

WiFi_Tether-300x224This will enable the internal system wifi tethering on your settings menu. This is for Samsung Galaxy S4 on Sprint. Do at your own risk. You are about to replace your Services Jar file and odex files, so… At your own risk. I claim no responsibility and modifying your phone in such a manner is your responsibility and liability. Why? Because you own your phone. I don’t… and neither does Sprint. I am providing this information for educational purposes.

XDA Thread: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=2256950

Make sure you install the right version for your phone.

  1. Go to settings | More | About device.
  2. Look at build number.
    1. To tell which file you need, look at the end of your phone’s Firmware Build Number
    • My Phone:
      Android 4.2.2
      Basband L720VPUAMDC (Now lately MK2)
      Kernal 3.4.0-442222
      Build JDQ39.L720VPUAMDC (Now lately MK2)
  3. Match yours to the zips below.
  4. If you are odexed flash odex and vice versa.
    • If you aren’t sure whether you are, use a root file explorer (ROM Toolbox Lite) and check in system/app.
      If you see .odex files you are odexed. If not you are deodexed.
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5 Responses to (How To) Sprint Samsung Galaxy S4 Hotspot WiFi Tether Hack

  1. ghost says:

    all your videos are awesome,can you tell me how to hack an vulnerable network threw router i can see 45 exploits but how can i get in and hack the pc?plz help me

  2. Joe says:

    …what kind of question is that?????????

  3. mike says:

    peter, there are several videos showing how to root Galaxy s4 but none that’s easy for a novice. would you consider doing a video on that?

    Thank you.

  4. Rick says:

    My Samsung is MK5. Any update on the zips? Thank you for the site.

  5. Allen Howell says:

    I am trying to do this without annoying anyone but I also don’t want to screw up my phone. I love my phone. It has a new battery and it works better (IMO) than newer versions. I can’t figure out which files to download and what to do after that. I’m pretty sure I figured out how to root it a few months ago but I got scared after that.

    Thanks! Allen (dr.allen.howell@gmail.com)

    Security Patch 2016-09-01
    Kernel version 3.4.0-4745659
    Build LRX22C.L720VPSGPL1
    Enforcing SEPF_SPH-L720_5.0.1-1_0052

    MDF v1.0 Release 4
    VPN v1.4 Release 4
    ASKS 1.2_161011
    Knox 2.3
    Standard SDK 5.3.0
    Premium SDK 2.3.0
    Customization SDK 2.0.0
    Container 2.3.0
    CEP 2.0.1
    Enterprise Billing 1.0.0
    SE for Android 2.3.0
    SSO 2.1.1
    TIMA 2.0
    VPN 2.2.0

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