How To Hack: Steal Every Logged In Account and Saved Pass for Chrome and FFox Instantly!

AccXtract is a Proof of Concept tool designed to show just how easily all of your accounts can be compromised.  Run from a few USB, AccXtract can steal access to every account a PC is currently logged in to and decrypt all of the saved passwords, in a fraction of a second!  It can then, with a few more clicks, add all of that data to a new computer.  It is incredibly, and terrifyingly, easy to use.  Try it out!

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Why Was It Written?

AccXtract (pronounced “ack-ex-tract”) was designed as an attempt to educate people as to how unbelievably easy it is to steal access to accounts and passwords given only a few seconds’ access to a computer.  Most computer users are under the illusion that their browsers and programs automatically secure all of their data, preventing malicious local attacks and keeping their personal info safe.  AccXtract is here to prove that this is the exact OPPOSITE of the truth.  In fact, some of the most important, and yet most most overlooked, data to protect, your cookies, are left COMPLETELY UNENCRYPTED.  Other things generally considered (and for the most part incorrectly so) to be more important like passwords are almost always stored with only the most basic and easily reversible type of encryption.  AccXtract not only streamlines the process of stealing and decrypting this data,  it also allows you to easily add this data back to your own system, further proving that even the most novice of computer users can easily get access to everything.

What exactly does AccXtract do?

In short, AccXtract allows you to, with just a double-click, steal access to every account logged in in Google Chrome or Firefox (more programs coming soon) and every password that either has saved.  It then allows you to bring this information back to your computer and with a single click insert it into your respective browser, to instantly give you access to all of the target’s accounts and passwords.

Currently Supports

  • Google Chrome cookies (all currently logged in accounts)
  • Google Chrome passwords
  • Firefox cookies
  • Firefox passwords
  • SAM (Windows login) hashes

Possible Future Additions

  • IE cookies/password
  • WiFi passwords
  • Skype
  • Minecraft passwords
  • VNC Passwords
  • Teamviewer
  • LogMeIn


Getting login info (standard user):

  1. Copy Grabber.exe and System.Data.SQLite.dll to a USB
  2. Plug the USB into target computer
  3. Double-click Grabber.exe

Getting login info (Administrator):

  1. Copy Grabber.exe, System.Data.SQLite.dll, and the Tools folder to a USB
  2. Plug the USB into target computer
  3. Run Grabber.exe as Administrator

Using acquired login info:

  1. Open AccXtract.exe
  2. Select the AccXtract folder (on the USB)
  3. Click the Profile you would like to install
  4. Open Chrome and switch to the new profile
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