How To Hack: Install Kali Linux on Raspberry Pi using Windows or Linux

Today, we are going to take a $40 computer and make a hack-machine out of it!

Materials Needed

  • Raspberry Pi Computer:
    I cannot believe how great the Raspberry Pi computer is! It is truly Ridiculous! This little $40 circuit board has:

    • HDMI out
    • Video out
    • Audio out
    • 2 USB Ports
    • Ethernet Port
    • SD Card Slot
    • Takes Micro SD Power (Regular Phone Charger)
    • 512mb RAM
    • 700mhz ARM Processor with dual-core multimedia co-processor


  • Get a nice fast 8 GB (or more) SD card. Class 10 cards are highly recommended.
  • Download the Kali Linux Raspberry Pi image from downloads area.

Write SD Card in Windows (or see below for Linux)

  1. Once you have the Kali Pi IMG file on your computer, Download Win32DiskImager Here
  2. Win32DiskImager does not need to be installed. Simply unzip it and run the program
  3. Make sure your Drive Letter for the SD Card is chosen
  4. Click the [Folder] button and find the Kali Raspberry IMG file
  5. Click Write
  6. That’s it!

Write SD Card Using Kali Linux

  1. Put the Kali IMG somewhere easily accessible. In the video, I put mine on the Desktop.
  2. Open a terminal
  3. Type: Mount
  4. Identify where the SD card is mounted. In the video, mine was on /dev/sdb
  5. Use the dd utility to image this file to your SD card
    • Alert! This process will wipe out your SD card. If you choose the wrong storage device, you may wipe out your computers hard disk.
  6. Type: dd if=kali-pi.img of=/dev/sdb bs=512k
    • Note: change the image name and card mount point name as needed. Also if you get a message saying your SD card is a “Read-only file system,”

This process can take a while depending on your USB storage device speed and image size. My first try on a slow card took 20-25 minutes. Win32DiskImager seemed faster.

Once the writing operation is complete, boot up your Rasberry Pi with the SD card plugged in. You will be able to log in to Kali using:

User: root

Password: toor

And then at the prompt type: startx

That is it, you are done!

IMPORTANT: Please change your ssh host keys as soon as possible as ALL rpi images have the same keys. You should also change the root password to something more secure, especially if this machine will be publicly accessible!

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5 Responses to How To Hack: Install Kali Linux on Raspberry Pi using Windows or Linux

  1. Matthew says:

    Hi, I downloaded the Kali image. It does not boot when I power my Raspberry pi up. Do you know if there is a problem with the image or not? Thanks!

  2. Carlos says:

    I know your problem. If you followed all of the directions correctly, then it is an SD Card problem. Either it is not big enough or it is not fast enough, or it’s just plain cheap. I bought an 8GB SD card that was really, cheap it was Class 10, and worked correctly, but it just didn’t boot Kali or any other distro. Also, for problems like these, it is better to consult the Raspberry Pi website. (

  3. Ben says:


    Hi to all, I also tried to install Kali Linux on my Pi, all works fine after starting. I got a loginscreen without the option to start startx and my keyboard doesn’t do anything.

    has anyone have an idea?

    Look forward to your posts.


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