How to get real ip behind CloudFlare

Use a Resolver


Using a resolver is easy as copying the url whose real ip you want and then getting the real IP.


  1. Go Here
  2. Enter URL of your target site here:
  3. Click Search
  4. This is the plain IP

Custom Image Uploading Method (Works best on Forums)

Note: Try this method on forums if the above one didn’t work

  1. IpLogger is a website which allows you to see traffic on imag files.

    This is a very useful method and can help you get the IP of practically anyone if you know what to do.

    Go to and copy the 3rd link in the boxes.

  2. Go to any forum where you can change your avatar. Let us use MaDLeeTs.CoM for this example

    Now go to the page which allows you to change avatar: /usercp.php?action=avatar

  3. Paste the image url your retrieved from IPLogger earlier and click on change avatar. This will prompt a SQL error because the image file is way too small. Do not worry though, everything worked well. Right before the error, MaDLeeTs.CoM pinged the image and that’s all we need!
  4. Now, go back to IPLogger and click “View Log” button. This will forward you to a statistics page where we can find the real IP address. You can see the example in the image below:
  5. Enjoy the backend IP and have fun. *Wink*

    That’s all you need to know in order to get the IP.

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