Hack Windows 7 / Windows 8 Password Easily, No extra tool or software!


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  1. First, you will start up the computer (or restart it).
  2. While the computer is coming up and you can see it saying, “Starting Windows,” grab and hold down the power button until it does a hard-shutdown.
  3. This will make Windows have an issue. It will think it is broken and ask you if you want to Launch Repair, or Start Normally. You will choose to Launch Startup Repair.
  4. Startup repair will boot up and take a little while, then it will ask you if you want to use a System Restore Point. You are going to choose “Cancel.”
  5. Now is the long part… You will wait, and wait. After a long time, you will get a dialogue telling you that Startup Repair could not repair the computer automatically! What! After all that waiting? That is okay, because this plays right into our plans. So, you will click on the down arrow in the bottom left so you can see the Problem Details.
  6. Now you will click on the link at the very end of the Detail Report. It is the link for the Privacy Statement.
  7. Notepad will come up with the Privacy statement in it. You will go on the File menu and go to Open.
  8. Using the Open Dialogue, you will go to “Computer” –> “Local Disk” –> “Windows” –> “System 32
  9. Now, don’t forget to switch from “Text Documents” to “All Files” so you can see every file in this folder.
  10. Find the application file “sethc” This is the accessibility keys program.
  11. Rename this file as a backup file: I named it “sethc-bak
  12. Now find the file: “cmd” in the same folder. This is your command prompt. Right click on this one and go to Copy. Then right click in the white background of the folder and Paste.
  13. You will now have a file called “cmd – Copy.” You need to rename this to “sethc”. Then close out of all the windows and finish, so that the computer restarts.
  14. You will now be at the Login prompt (where you don’t know the password). Hit the Shift Key on your keyboard 5 times.
  15. The Command Prompt with Administrator Privileges comes up!
  16. You will type in:

    net user

    and then make note if your intended victim username. If the username you have at the login screen is not here, then it is probably a mask for one of the ones here on the net user screen. Choose wisely.

  17. You can find out which user is in the admin group by simply typing:

    net user [username]

    for each one.

  18. To reset the password, type in:

    net user [username] *

    Win-7-Password-Hack-19This will give you a prompt to type a new password. Keep in mind that if you set it to something new, the user will definitely not be able to get into their computer. However, if you just leave it blank, they will not be prompted for login. It is much more likely this way, that they will think it is some fluke. Maybe you put something on to monitor them, and now they will just set their password again and go on about their business. Whereas, if they can’t get in because you changed the password, they will probably wipe the drive.

  19. Either way, you will put the corresponding password into the login box after and you will be in!
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44 Responses to Hack Windows 7 / Windows 8 Password Easily, No extra tool or software!

  1. SAKSHI says:

    it is awesome…i had forgotten my password and thru this i cud byepass my windows 7 without even needing the third party software…thank you soooooo much…

  2. Benjo Lapu says:

    I can’t find the username because it is a 2 word name what do I do?

    • I am curious, what usernames did you get? Like in my video, the username was actually something different. If you know what the two word username is, you can put it in quotes in the command. “First Last” or something like that.

      • Jai Gupta says:

        every thing can be done but sir, i’m not getting Launch Start Up repair even after doing the same … its showing me safe mode and normal start up thing only …holding down the power off button and shutting as said ….. and also on login screen i tried shift key five times but it’s showing stickey key dialogue box! …… 🙁

  3. muhaymin says:

    awsome awsome awsome, 2,0000000000000 times more, nothing was deleted!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!*&^%! awsome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! woah woah woah after about 1 and a half year, i am in my account!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. jacob F says:

    i have a bit of an issue. I’m typing what i understand to be the correct prompt: [net user jacob *] and the prompt is saying that “jacob” (my user) cannot be found. any idea on why that is?

  5. lonelyheart60 says:

    help??!!!!!!!Tried got all the way to windows 32 but it didn’t say administrator on top look like cmd seth-bak stuck trying to reboot and go back not working just unable to start computer it look great but i don’t know what i did

  6. lonelyheart60 says:

    i really think your great love how you help i guess my brain surgery isn’t getting it right i wish it did thanks anyways

  7. abiarel says:

    Wooohoooo It works! So much win!!!!!

  8. Fuckhprecovery says:

    Any solution to bypass hp recovery tools? As soon as step 5 finishes and I’m about to open the report, hp recovery gets in the way. Closing hp recovery causes computer to reboot. Any ideas? Thnx otherwise looks like a sweet little exploit, keep up the good work!

    • You know, come to think of it… I believe I had this happen too. I cut it out of the video in order to make it more friendly to most people. I believe if I remember correctly, I just left it open, and then used Alt+Tab to get back to the other window? That is a guess… Been a while.

  9. Rahul Gupta says:

    Thank You so so much. This totally works. You really helped me a lot. 🙂

  10. Suzie Barlette says:

    Yes…I agree with all of the comments. I have many laptops and all types of problems seem to have occurred. Is there a way to avoid any of this?

  11. duke87 says:

    so i got into the system32 file with all files shown but can not locat a sethc

  12. Fitzo says:

    Please I cant locate the sethc file in the system 32 folder.

  13. junaid says:

    thank you peter for shring your work
    i have an erorr when i type “net user ‘my user name’ * ”
    it says
    the syntax of this command is :
    net user
    [user name [password:*][options]] [/domain]
    [user name [password:*>/add][options]] [/domain]
    [user name [delete:*]] [/domain]
    [user name [/times:]

    plzz help

    • sam says:

      I have gotten all the way to the end and i am getting the same as junaid

      parent guest learner
      The command completed with one or more errors

      C;\windows\system32>net user [username parent]
      the syntax of this command is :

      NET USER
      [username [password : *] [options]] [/DOMAIN]

      it seems to say the above twice more then the C: windows32

      Could you please Help . And Thanks for all your hard work putting this together even though I seem to have gone wrong somewhere It was really user friendly 🙂

      [user name [password:*>/add][options]] [/domain]
      [user name [delete:*]] [/domain]
      [user name [/times:]

    • TheSolutionTojunaid says:

      I had this problem too! But, I have a solution! Do you notice how in the picture, the asterisk (star) is kind of far from “Owner”? That’s because you have to put a space in between your username and the asterisk! Problem solved.

      So, for whoever created this posting, THANK YOU SOOOO MUCH, but you may want to edit this to say:

      Type in:
      net user [username] *

      Be sure to add a space in between [username] and the asterisk.

      It might just clear up a little confusion.
      Anyway, overall a great post. Thank you so much, you’re truly a lifesaver!!!!!!!!!!

  14. TheSolutionTojunaid says:

    Also, to the publisher, would this work on XP or Vista?

  15. Chris says:

    Two name username? I had the same prob but I’ve found the solution!

    net user “John Smith” *

    Honestly, put the username in speech marks and it works!

    Hyuuuuuge thanks to the original poster – this guide really helped me out!


    • Thanks Chris,
      I did cover this on the video around 6:10…
      Guess I was in a hurry when I did the screen shot tutorial.

      • Chris says:

        Sorry dude, I didn’t even notice the video… just worked through the excellent screenshot tutorial.
        It was really good of you to do this – I’m sure its helped a LOT of people, myself included.

        Thanks again,


  16. Star-E says:

    Unfortunately, my computer is able to automatically fix the problem after all that wait time, and just ends up restarting fine. Any suggestions?

    • Did you try waiting a little while during the fixing phase… Then hit cancel.
      Someone suggested you can skip all the waiting by just hitting cancel and then it will just go straight to the end report.
      I did not check on this, but maybe you will and let us know if it did anything or not.

  17. hcena says:

    Hi sir,
    i wants to hack my college system….there we cannot use pendrive,no cd drive…nd secured….so i tried ur idea but it wont help me…..so help sir……….

  18. HAssan says:

    thanks a lot it worked thank you so much nothing lost and i have m windows back i’m posting this on my site with link of your site and your name …. thanks man

  19. thonu says:

    Thx. Now, i can delete my Rainbow tables…

  20. Jin Hareta says:

    i’ve tried waiting and then hitting cancel but a window popped up saying it cannot be cancelled. Well,anyways mine is still loading at the moment, and if it goes on well, the credit all goes to the UltimatePeter. thanks in advance to you ^^

  21. Hugh says:

    Hi Peter and thanks for the instructions.

    I want to use my daughter’s laptop (Windows 7) but don’t want to remove her password.

    Is there a way to access her laptop with another username and password that I create so that she won’t know that I’ve been on it? I don’t want to remove her password but still want my own access. Is this doable?

    PS This is not about spying on her. I just want to use it downstairs in my basement and she seems to think her laptop will be damaged due to perceived dampness down there. BTW, there is none. She’s really stubborn, like her old man. 😉

    Anyway, thanks for your help.

    • I would probably use KonBoot for such an operation. KonBoot will allow you to log in with any User that is on Windows by just using a blank password. Then, when it is not booted with KonBoot, the password is neatly back in place. Hope that helps.

  22. Simon says:

    This worked perfectly and I was able to recover my laptop.
    Thanks a million!!

  23. bobber says:

    i came to system32 then i copied cmd but when i tried to paste it back it asked me a password

    Do you know a way to bypass this?

  24. Michael says:

    when I go to change my password as I’m typing nothing appears… if I leave it blank it just says passwords don’t match.

  25. Vishal says:

    I have tried all the steps, but it is saying “Access is denied”… Pls Help…

  26. alohc says:

    There’s no txt file at the end of the problem detail. I could only click on the url, but it prompts an error “cannot find http://blablabla“. I can’t get to the step of opening up notepad. Any idea please?

  27. john w says:

    THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!! I tried numerous programs and wasted several dvd discs trying to recover this computer. Your directions took about an hour and a half but it worked flawlessly! The screenshots are the key to success. Bravo!

  28. TallerAxman says:

    This wirked up unitl the point of using netpad to open the system 32 folder and rename the file. Everytime I try to click on the local disc, I get a pop up that says I need to format the local disc before I can use it. Dead in the water now, any thoughts?

  29. getsoutthere says:

    Something additional you might find useful: If you need to enable the built-in administrator account in order to access everything about Windows (such as reload it or roll back to Win7), go through the steps in this tutorial to bring up the command prompt as an administrator and then enter the following commands:

    net user administrator 0000


    net user administrator /active:yes

    The first of those lines changes the administrator password to four zeroes.
    The second line enables it, so that when you close the command prompt window you will see ‘Administrator’ enabled as a login option.

    Great and helpful tutorial, thanks

  30. asm says:

    how to know the current password?

  31. Majid says:

    i had tested, its working absolutely fine
    Thnx budy

  32. Ashish says:

    Hey it doesn’t works in windows 8. Can u tell what to do to reset windows 8 password?

  33. Erich says:

    it appears this only works with local account. There is only a sign-in option for Microsoft account on my Windows 8 logon screen. The good news is that I managed to bypass the Microsoft account login with PCUnlocker.

  34. Jeremy says:

    This worked perfectly! Thank you for this tutorial!

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