Crack Wifi Encryption with Kali Linux – Fern Wifi Cracker for WEP Hacking

Today we will cover cracking WEP Wifi Network Encryption with Fern Wifi Cracker. This Hacking tool comes prepacked in Kali Linux. This is a relatively simple process anyone can do with the proper equipment and following this tutorial.

First you will want to get a copy of Kali Linux. You can either run this as a LiveDVD, install it BareMetal, or do like I did and put it in a virtual machine.
I recommend using an Alfa Wifi Adapter to maximize your signal and range. Alfa adapters are perfect for hacking in Kali Linux because you don’t have to install any drivers and they also patch through to virtual machines, unlike your internal wifi cards.

Find a WEP Network!

If you don’t know where one is, you can use Wigle Wifi to find one:
Check out my Wigle Wifi Video:

Set your Wifi Adapter to Monitor Mode!

Now, get Kali Linux up and running.
-Open your Shell
-Check “iwconfig” and “ifconfig” to make sure you have your wireless card showing up.
-Use “airmon-ng check” to see if processes will interfere with your monitor mode.
-Kill them using “airmon-ng check kill
-Turn on Monitor Mode by typing “airmon-ng start wlanX”
-Close your Shell

Use Fern Wifi Cracker!

On the System Menu:
Applications –> Kali Linux –> Wireless Attacks –> 802.11 Wireless Tools –> fern-wifi-cracker

wifi_hack-Now, select your interface for wifi. It will tell you that Mon is on.
-Press “Scan for Access Points
-Now, choose WEP.
-Select the WEP network you wish to crack.
-Put a check mark on “Automate” and then click “Attack
-Now it will step through: Associating with Access Point, Gathering Packets, Injecting ARP Packets, and Cracking Encryption

If there is good traffic happening on the WEP Network, you will get through in 10 to 15 minutes.

If there is not a lot of traffic and your ivs is gathering real slow, you may have to leave it quite a while, or overnight.

Some time after the entire bar is full, it should be able to crack the encryption and give you the connection key!

Do a cartwheel…

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