BMW e46: Install Amp, Subs, and Cap System (330, 328, 325, 323, 320, 318, 316) Amplifier, Subwoofer, Capacitor Installation

Complete walkthrough of installing an Amp with two 12-inch Subs and a Capacitor on BMW e46 body. This will be the same for all e46 cars with the Harman Kardon factory system included with many BMW 3 Series Models.

I believe the following are included in this group:
BMW 316 (316i, 316ti)
BMW 318 (318i, 318ci, 318ti)
BMW 320 (320i, 320ci)
BMW 323 (323i, 323ci)
BMW 325 (325i, 325xi, 325ci, 325ti)
BMW 328 (328i, 328ci)
BMW 330 (330i, 330xi, 330ci)
and BMW M3

I am performing the install on my own BMW 330xi, but as far as I am led to believe, it should be very similar or same on any e46 (correct me if I’m wrong).
I saw one other install video on Youtube for this, but it seemed to me that he rushed through it and didn’t really get in depth.
So, I wanted to go ahead and lay it out from A to Z.

  1. Preliminary: Take out trunk mat, then un-peg tray in interior left floor of trunk. Also remove two pegs from the above interior upholstery.
  2. Setting up your remote wire:
    1. Locate Harman Kardon trunk amplifier in left of trunk, push button on bracket and pull wiring harness lever to remove massive wiring harness. (Ignore extra bundle of wires, no leads there)
    2. Slide two wiring harnesses (black and gray) out of bracket.
    3. Isolate gray wiring harness and find the fourth wire (of the small wires) which is white.
    4. Tap Splice the white wire with your amplifier remote wire (I think I used 16 guage tap splices).
    5. Feed remote wire out under upholstery and reassemble bracket/harness/upholstery/tray.
  3. Connecting Line Output Converter:
    1. Locate secondary Harman Kardon hardware on roof of trunk.
    2. Slip wire bracket to the left in order to get it to come off.
    3. Locate wires that match colors with the wires running into opposing side speaker.
    4. Tap Splice those two wires as well as the ones running into the near speaker. (these should be spliced with the positive and negative for each side according to the colors for your output converter)
    5. Ground your output converter.
    6. Tuck and zip tie.
  4. Hook up the Battery:
    1. Run Battery Positive (+) to your fuse (don’t put fuse in until completely finished!)
    2. Run fuse to Cap Positive (+).
    3. Run Cap Positive to Amplifier Positive (+).
    4. Run Cap Negative to ground or Battery Negative (-).
    5. Run Amp Negative to ground or Battery Negative (-).
    6. Hook in remote wire (first wire we tackled on Harman Kardon Amp) to your amp.
    7. Run RCA cables from Output Converter to amp.
    8. Run speaker wire from amp to your sub/subs.
    9. Put fuse back in.

Note: My subs were dual voice-coil and I ran them in daisy chain, so I could run the amp bridged and then get my Ohms split in half.

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